The Cream of the Crop….White Papers

And the Best Writer goes to..


After reading through all of my peers white papers, I found one in particular that stuck out the most to me in terms of writing.  Christy Valvano had a very well organized and intriguing essay on Fiddlehead Concepts Catering. Her executive summary was what caught my eye at first simply because of the way it was organized. She first went into detail about the history of the catering company and then proceeded to go into the details of what the company offers and why it stands out above the rest.  While reading her paper I was intrigued to discover more and actually go try their food.  While the flow of her paper was not only excellent and enticing, I thought she was gramatically correct and appropriately described and embodied the essence of what Fiddlehead Concepts Catering really is.  It made me want to keep reading.

Best Creativity is Awarded to..

In terms of creativity, everyone did an excellent job of truly being engaged in their topics, however I thought that one stood out above the rest.  Suzanne Komenski’s white paper “Roc Your Pickle,” was not only interesting, but fun.  I thought that of all of the titles that were created for the white papers, Suzanne’s caught my attention and made me want to read on. The organization and technological features used in her white paper made her blog stand out even more. Each picture was appropriately placed and related to what she was talking about.  After reading through her paper, looking through her hyperlinks and gaining a better understanding about the public market in Rochester, I have been wanting to pay a visit myself and see more. I also thought that her idea for a web 2o was really great. It would allow the company to better interact with their consumers and thats exactly what public relations aims to do.

Best Social Media..If looking simply just into the use of social media in our white papers, Jamie Ciccone stood out as the best to me. Her white paper was on Nike and the new Nike Fuelband. I thought the topic was not only interesting but the elements of social media that she used really pulled the whole paper together and made it look professional, interesting, and enticing.  After reading her paper and clicking on all of the hyperlinks and seeing what she had to say, I found myself curious about the product and about Nike as a company as well.  Jamie really put good effort into her paper especially with media features.  She used several appropriate links in the proper places, used videos to further illustrate her message, and incorporated a lot of great appearance features that I thought stood out with the product very well.


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