Heepo the Space Alien

1.) Based on my knowledge of Public Relations and my experience here on earth, I have found that people communicate in a variety of ways.  People constantly share their thoughts, opinions and beliefs with the people around them and in turn tend to manipulate other people’s thoughts, opinions and beliefs.  It is in the nature of communication that people end up having an influence on other people.  According to Wikipedia, crowd manipulation is the idea that people intentionally use of techniques based on crowd psychology to engage, control, or influence the desires of a crowd in order to direct its behavior toward a specific action.  For instance, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream where people lived equally under god. He spoke and preached of his belief in freedom and equality in order to influence others to believe the same and pursue the fight to end racial discrimination and segregation.  He used the power of communication to manipulate people in order to make a great change.


In the time that I have studied public relations and the numerous concepts that it involves, I have come to realize that there is no set definition.  People have developed their own definitions over time and as a result, have applied it in different ways.  According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), public relations is defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.  I believe that this is a pretty accurate description of public relations and what it does.  After learning and experience public relations first hand I truly feel that it is public communication that creates, drives, and develops relationships, events, experiences and attitudes.  People are constantly influenced by these relationships and experiences particularly in the United States and other democracies.  The United States government is designed to give people the freedom of speech, press, religion, and choice.  With this people freely communicate their beliefs and thoughts which then is communicated to others, develops relationships, and influences others.  Public relations is everywhere particularly when it comes to democracy.


I strongly believe that public relations has always existed and always will.  Its a way of communication and building relationships which has always been a part of humanity just in different forms.  Looking into the history of public relations, it has been with us for thousands and thousands of years. Julius Ceasar spoke of it in his first campaign biography in 50 BC. Over time, public relations has changed through people’s growing thoughts and ideas.  Today, we now live in a world where technology is a constant part of people’s everyday lives. We text, skype, blog, tweet, like, comment and thrive through technology. Public relations today has turned into technological communication and has further developed stronger relationships between people.  I believe that public relations will continue to change over time and further strengthen the way people communicate and influence each other. Within the next fifty years, public relations will still exist, but most likely in different forms in the same way that it has changed in the past.

4.) Arthur W. Page was the vice president of AT&T in the early 1900s and developed several public relations principles. These principles include:

– Tell the truth (always let the public know what is happening and provide accurate representation of organization)

– Prove it with Action (actions speak louder than words)

– Listen to the Customer (understand what the public wants and needs)

– Manage for tomorrow (always be prepared and organized to avoid future difficulties)

– Conduct public relations as if the whole company depends on it (implement all planning with the public in mind)

– Realize a company’s true character is expressed by its people (make sure employees represent and reflect the

character of the company)

– Remain calm, patient, and good-humored (when crisis emerges be prepared to handle it and maintwith control)

These principles are all great ways for businesses and organizations to communicate, relate and share better with the public.  Today all of these are applied through basic communication.


Insight into the World of Public Relations

Early this evening on April 22, 2012, a small, friendly alien came down from another planet in hopes of understanding more about public relations and its impact on our world. Curious and eager to learn he wanted to know the following:

1. Impact of PR and Crowd Manipulation

2. PR, Democracy, and the United States

3. What is the purpose of public relations?

4. Arthur Page’s Principles on Public Relations Managment

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Maria K. Schimizzi

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